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Fast Feedback

November 8, 2014

Belmont Teach

Our first Magic Monday kicked off at lunchtime with a “Pedagogy Picnic”.  I drew the short straw had the honour of kicking things off first, with a 7 minute presentation on “Fast Feedback“.  Here’s a summary of my presentation.

Fast Feedback

The impact of feedback in raising attainment has been well documented by academics such as Dylan Wiliam, John Hattie and more recently by the Sutton Trust Education Endowment Foundation in their Toolkit findings.  Written feedback can be a time consuming task though and the purpose of this presentation was to try to pull together a variety of methods that could speed up feedback, without compromising the quality of it.  I wanted to share a range of strategies, rather than focus in more detail on a few.  A case of breadth, rather than depth initially.

Dylan Wiliam has said that feedback should be more work for the recipient than the donor.  With this…

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